Op Four Training Group is the leading provider of high quality professional security guard training in the Southeast United States. Our company provides the best training and certifications available for new and experienced security officers. Our founders and instructors are proud Law Enforcement and United States Military Veterans. We provide state of the art, modern security instruction designed to give you the leading edge on learning.

Why Op Four Training Group?

  • Real World Applicable Training

    Learn from the industry’s best of the best in crime and violence prevention and response.

  • Modern, Up-To-Date Training

    Protect yourself and others through actionable intelligence and forward thinking.

  • Legally Defensible Skills

    We provide certification through industry leading organizations in security and law enforcement.

Want to work as an armed guard in the state of Florida?

G-License Initial Training & Recertification

Op Four Training Group partners with RPGI International to provide the best training facilities, resources, and instructors in Florida.

Hiring Problems?

Learn the secrets of a veteran Security Management Professional

One of the most difficult tasks security managers have is hiring and retention in the post-COVID environment. David J. Mathena has been in Security Management for upwards of two decades and has consistently developed and led exceptional private security teams in various states and industries. In this short ebook, Mathena guides you through each step of the process, from start to finish as you build your own exceptional Security team!