Op Four Training Group is America’s leading provider of high quality professional security guard training. Our company provides the best training and certifications available for new and experienced security officers. We offer security training which can get you started in your security career, or advance you into security leadership and management. What sets our company apart is our focus on reality-based instruction. Our founders and instructors are proud Law Enforcement and United States Military Veterans. We provide real world practical instruction with visual aids and tabletop drills designed to give you the leading edge on learning.

Why Op Four Training Group?

  • Real World Applicable Training

    Learn from the industry’s best of the best in crime and violence prevention and response.

  • Modern, Up-To-Date Training

    Protect yourself and others through actionable intelligence and forward thinking.

  • Legally Defensible Skills

    Adhere to federal and state laws, and insulate yourself from both civil litigation and criminal charges.


DS# 3000034

The Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing and Consumer Services requires security officers to attend 40 hours of in-person classroom training before providing security services. Op Four Training Group offers state-approved training in Northwest Florida, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Crestview areas.

Hiring Problems?

Learn the secrets of a veteran Security Management Professional

One of the most difficult tasks security managers have is hiring and retention in the post-COVID environment. David J. Mathena has been in Security Management for upwards of two decades and has consistently developed and led exceptional private security teams in various states and industries. In this short ebook, Mathena guides you through each step of the process, from start to finish as you build your own exceptional Security team!

Want to work as an armed guard in the state of Florida?

G-License Initial Training & Recertification

Op Four Training Group partners with RPGI International to provide the best training facilities, resources, and instructors in Florida.

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We exist to serve the Security community. Whether you are an aspiring security officer, supervisor, manager, company owner, or academy instructor/owner, we are here for you. Feel free to email us with any questions, concerns, comments, or requests. And thank you for making Op Four Training Group your go-to for security training and support!